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Amazon Flex Driver – Amazon Flex App, Amazon Card

Amazon Flex Driver – Download Amazon Flex App, Get Amazon Debit Card & All you Need To Know About Amazon flex

Amazon Flex App driver – Amazon Flex, Amazon Debit Card, and All you Need to Know about Amazon Flex are what this article is all about.

Amazon Flex drivers use the amazon flex App on a daily basis and this app turns out to be an awesome application that has different functionality. However, Amazon company announces that the application and offer users the chance to work independently and become their own boss.

This article will serve huge loopholes if you are the type that has been looking for an opportunity to become monetary-free.  if this sounds cool to you, then why not start with getting paid by a trillion-dollar brand, Amazon company with this amazon flex app? using their flex driver app to achieve this.

becoming an amazon flex driver doesn’t require you more resources or effort, but the only thing you need is just your smartphone, and a vehicle and you can start making huge and you will be on your way to become your own boss.

For you to completely see how the Amazon Flex Driver program works, you must have a good knowledge of how the amazon flex driver app work, from the installation steps to your first bundle drop-off stage.

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Above all, the Amazon Flex driver is a program that allows qualified, professional drivers to earn on their own schedule, using their own vehicles, anytime and any day.

So, therefore, this article will be a boom for you if really you need to become richer than your present. Before the end of this article, you will discover more about the Amazon flex app, amazon flex driver, and the amazon debit card with awaiting rewards.

Amazon Flex App

Before we go deeper than this, it will be most interesting for us to talk more about the Amazon flex app. The flex app is an online app that contains all the functions that amazon has for users like you. Such functions are:

  1. Flex Drivers account information and serve as the platform for Flex Drivers to manage and complete delivery shifts.
  2. Serves as a mobile banking app that gives the user unlimited and fast access to apply for Amazon Flex Debit Card, manage the debit card account transaction history and;
  3. Gives you the easiest way to manage your money from anywhere, at any time.

furthermore, using this Amazon Flex App, drivers can perform the following:

  • gain access to 19,000 ATM locations.
  • Track the delivery of new cards and also new card activation can be performed easily.
  • Users can set up a direct Deposit & make transfers of funds from other bank accounts.
  • It can be used for online purchases with mobile payments.
  • A simple way to set and track your savings goals is with Vaults.
  • Immediate card lock in case of card misplaced, lost, or stolen.

nevertheless, if you have a Zero monthly maintenance fee, you do not have to be worry because you can secure your earnings, track your cashback and digitally protect your Amazon Flex card even with the zero monthly maintenance.

Amazon flex Reward

Amazon Flex Driver - Get Amazon Flex App, Amazon Card
               Amazon Flex Driver – Get Amazon Flex App, Amazon Card

Having made mention of what the amazon flex app is, you should also know that there are huge rewards that amazon flex has for users.

There are rewards for you to use the app. The app has features that enable you to earn rewards in long run. So let us discuss the benefits /reward attached to the usage of this app. You should that the amazon app benefits are what is called Amazon Flex Rewards and they are to make life as easy for Amazon Flex account holder’s life.

Note: The reward is mainly packaged for those that are Amazon Flex delivery partners.

The benefits are nothing less than:

  • A 6% cashback on purchase of gas,
  • A 2% on general Amazon purchases
  • 1% on any other purchases.
  • Preferred Scheduling
  • Access to numerous discounts
  • Opportunity access to financial navigators like insurance and taxes.

You don’t need to join especially for Amazon Flex Reward, simply earn points by finishing squares and making conveyances in light of the fact that the more points you earn, the higher levels you open to access more rewards.

So you’d know, routinely updating the application will give you every one of the most recent features, security updates, and a  smoother general experience dealing with your money.

Install Amazon Flex App Simple Step

Seeing all the cool stuff that the amazon flex app has for you, I fairly believe that you won’t like to waste any time before you get the app downloaded and install; on your device.

You should know that downloading or installing the amazon flex app has limitations, not all mobile devices can work on the Amazon Flex App. However, if you are an android user, the amazon flex requires:

  • The device must have a 6.0 version of android or a newer version.
  • RAM memory of 20MB or higher.
  • The device must have a camera with a flash.
  • Your android must-have feature of GPS location services.
  • Must have SIM card insert.

Since you have seen the requirements your device needs to have before enjoying the app, you now go-ahead to the step to download the app.

  • Launch the play store or App store if on an Apple device
  • Use the search button to search for Amazon Flex
  • A list of options will display
  • Scroll down to the right app and click on ‘Download Android App
  • Accept terms and conditions and click ‘Download’
  • After successful download, click on the Amazon Flex app icon and begin the installation process.


those of you using iPhone or other iOS devices, know that for the amazon flex app to work, your device must have the latest iOS installed and shouldn’t be less than iOS 11.0 or newer because before the app can work, it requires the latest iOS.

Apply For Amazon Debit Card

to apply for an amazon flex debit card, you will have to follow below steps:

  • Open your Amazon Flex App
  • Go to “Menu
  • Tap on “Activity Hub
  • Tap on ‘Reward Details

At the bottom of the screen, there is the Amazon Flex Debit Card application page. Click on it and start the application process.

Likewise, if you want to deposit money on your Amazon Flex Debit Card, kindly follow the below steps to achieve that;

  • Go to the “Menu” choice on the Amazon Flex App
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap on “personal Information”
  • Tap on “Bank Account” and fill in your Amazon Flex DEBIT card account and routing number.
  • Then, at that point set it as your favored payment account.

To get your Amazon Flex Debit card account number, go to the “Immediate Deposit” alternative on your application.

Amazon Flex Debit Card Fees

you will need to know this part because it is the most crucial part of all that we have been saying since…

Appropriately note that no monthly maintenance expense is required except for users will get free ATM withdrawals each month at in-networks while withdrawals all through off-network ATMs will sustain a 3$ charge for every withdrawal.

Besides any additional expenses, the ATM or bank might charge.

Amazon Flex Drivers

The Amazon Flex program is available in more than 50 cities across the United States, including Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington D.C, and the availability of offers within these cities changes dependent on request.

These earning offers are classified as “Delivery blocks,” which are ordinarily two to six-hour shifts that you can acknowledge through your Amazon Flex application.

Each shift is typically centered around one of three sorts of deliveries which are:

Exemplary Amazon.com Order:

Where you get Amazon orders at a nearby conveyance station, as appointed on your application, then, at that point drive bundles to customers for three to six hours.

Prime Now or Amazon Fresh:

You’ll get basic food item arranges at a Prime Now conveyance station close to you. This can take up to 2hrs – 4hrs.

Store Orders:

This time, you’ll get it from a neighborhood store, instead of a conveyance station. This too is a two to four-hour block.

Sometimes, you might be fortunate to receive “Instant Offers.” These are short conveyance blocks, enduring close to 45 minutes, that is offered dependent on your current area while you’re signed into the application.

As a Flex driver, you are needed to book the available squares in advance to have the option to get that specific offer. To book a conveyance block, click on the “Offers” section of your application and tap on the squares you need. You then, at that point swipe to acknowledge.

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Before you acknowledge, the application will permit you to review the conveyance block date and time frame, city, and your assessed pay

Remember to filter shifts dependent on your availability, and if you trust you can’t make a shift, make sure to tap “Forfeit shift” at least 45 minutes before the start time as you might be punished if you cancel too late. Also, if you miss too many squares, you are put in danger of being deactivated as an Amazon Flex driver.

Subsequent to tolerating a conveyance block, it will immediately show in the “Schedule” section of your Amazon Flex account.

The special seasons are generally the best time to apply for Amazon Flex gigs on the grounds that, during this active time for bundle conveyances, Amazon normally builds it’s employing the nation over to stay aware of rising interest.

Amazon Flex gigs Requirements

Amazon flex has what we called ”amazon flex gigs”. Before you can qualify for these gigs, you will have to meet certain requirements. However, here are the requirements every user must meet to qualify for Amazon Flex gigs, Thus;

  • You should live in a space where Amazon Flex works and where there are conveyance opportunities.
  • You should have a substantial UK driver’s license and be entitled to work in the UK.
  • You should have substantial UK National auto protection and verification of registration.
  • You should claim an average size vehicle with 4 doors, or bigger. In any case, to convey Amazon Prime Now orders, you can utilize any vehicle that can ship Amazon bundles to customers, safely and dependably.
  • You should pass a foundation, criminal record, and driving license records check.
  • You should not be more youthful than 21 years of age.
  • You should have a Social Security number.

Your Driver license must meet;

Have your photo and not a learner’s permit. Your paper licenses MUST have a  photo of you in them.

Be current (not lapsed or invalid), without any opening punches or breaks.

Should be an actual government-gave driver’s license (not a photocopy, output, or screen capture of a license).

Should coordinate with ALL the information you gave (name, date of birth, license number) in the application and show that you are something like 18 years of age.

To successfully upload your license pictures, if it’s not too much trouble, make sure the pictures are:

Uploaded all together. The application will request that you upload the front of the license first before then the back.

Clear and core interest. Make sure that every one of the words is written on your license (both the front and the back) show up unmistakably in the photo.

Not edited too near the license. Use a dim foundation light and be certain the edges are apparent.

Do take note that if your license photos don’t meet the requirements listed above, they won’t be acknowledged.

How To Sign Up As An Amazon Flex Driver

The only platform where you can actually sign up to become an Amazon Flex Driver is on the app.

Fortunately, to sign-up via the app is a straightforward process, as far as you meet all the Amazon Flex requirements.

Steps to follow are:

  • Open your app
  • At the bottom of the app screen., tap “Create an account”
  • Log in with an existing Amazon account or create a new one by submitting your name, email address, and preferred password.
  • Then tap “Get Started” to give answers to some questions, like your ZIP code, availability, and vehicle type.
  • If found eligible, you’ll be able to continue your registration.

Provide required documents, tax information, and bank account information before approving a background check.

If an Amazon Flex offer is not available in your area, join a waitlist.

How to Schedule Amazon Flex Delivery Blocks

The moment you are approved and logged into the Amazon Flex app, you’ll be able to schedule your first delivery blocks.

There are work shifts that run between 2-6 hours long and are available all 7 days of the week.

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

Amazon Flex UK expressed on its website that drivers can make £13-£15 each hour while driving for Amazon Flex, yet it is nothing unexpected that this statement may very well be publicity. Also, if it’s not, then, at that point earning such earnings will not be something every day. In light of the idea of the work, which is truly adaptable, it might be difficult to give a round figure to the week by week or even daily sum, yet £18-£24 each hour (net) can, in any case, be accomplished with Amazon Flex.

There are many factors why this might be thus, for example, the Flex application doesn’t follow your speed, yet remember the punishments of speeding to meet a delivery opening, eg, fines, points on your license and possibly losing your work with Amazon is never worth speeding for.

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Additionally, Amazon Flex pays you at a level rate for each square, so your hourly rate relies upon your income from that square and the measure of time it takes to finish it. This means that if you end up stranded in traffic or on a difficult/long course, your hourly rate will be influenced.

Additionally, most squares are between 3-6 hours, and keeping in mind that there is definitely not an expected number of drops per block it is feasible to have more than 200 remarkable conveyances for everyone, especially during more occupied periods, for example, Christmas and other public occasions.

Picking Up And Delivering Orders On The Amazon Flex App

The organization recommends using its in-application route to get to your shift from your starting area, as displayed on the application one hour before your scheduled shift starts.

However, a ton of drivers like to make utilization of their favored route application, as Amazon Flex’s headings aren’t generally just about as intuitive as those on different platforms.

At the point when you show up at the get area, which is normally a delivery station, Amazon Locker, or distribution center, if it’s not too much trouble, follow all signs vital, then, at that point tap on the “I’ve Arrived” button.

An employee will take care of you and output your appearance code. Next, you will be coordinated to the delivery items you need to get. Utilize your application to filter bundles and afterward load your vehicle.

Whenever you’ve wrapped uploading your vehicle, you’ll be doled out a delivery course on your application. At the point when you show up at each drop-off objective, you’ll simply check the right bundles and select on the application, where you’re leaving the bundle.

If you’re leaving the bundle unattended, you should snap a photo of the bundle or get a mark if you’re leaving it with someone other than the customer.

Then, at that point, simply continue on to another delivery course until all are finished.

Benefits of Working As An Amazon Flex Driver.

You pick your own hours since you work for yourself

Sometimes, when you finish a whole lot sooner than get, the pay can be stunning

It can be a decent support type of revenue for your family.

Pay is ensured

Ideal, if you enjoy being moving consistently.

The Costs Of Driving For Amazon

Despite every one of the treats that come with working as an Amazon Flex Driver, here are some interesting points before reaching a resolution

Cost Of Courier/Delivery Insurance

Before you can utilize your vehicle as a trade-off for payment, you need to fill in a form of Courier Insurance or Delivery Driver protection and this is impressively more costly than your customary vehicle protection (monthly Courier Car strategies start from £220 each month)

Likewise, a large number of the UK’s biggest vehicle guarantors don’t cover Amazon drivers, and you could wind up getting captured or driving uninsured. It’s likewise your responsibility as a driver to pay the Congestion Charge, ULEZ, and any tolls.

Cost Of Car Fuel

Considering the way that you pay for the fuel yourself, and the current price of fuel in the UK, this will radically influence your earnings each hour for a 3-5 hour shift.

Vehicle Depreciation

In spite of the fact that everyone’s vehicle is different,( taking a driver who (conservatively) travels 70 miles each day for Amazon, 5 days seven days, under 7,500 miles each year), it’s not difficult to envision the potential adverse consequence this will have on selling or trading your vehicle later on.

Impact On Physical Health

While this is anything but a monetary expense, you ought to comprehend that Working as an Amazon Flex Driver can be truly requesting, especially if you take numerous shifts each day.

Expanded bundles per delivery, more tight delivery targets, and competition for blocks, not barring lifting hefty bundles, climbing flights of stairs, and surging around to meet delivery slots, can be a debilitating environment for even the most grounded of people.

Frequently Ask Questions About Amazon Flex Drive (FAQs)

We have compiled some usual challenges that some drivers have encountered before now. These challenges are already tagged to be FAQs and it will really go a long way in solving issues and any questions you might have that are bothering you.

Delivery Problem or Difficult Situation

Whatever contrarily influences your delivery time and puts you behind is a valid justification to contact support.

In any event, when Amazon Flex Support can’t give help, they will have your approach record to show that you were actively trying to determine the issue as it was happening.

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This might come in vital later on when you need to debate an imperfection on your delivery account.

Step-by-step instructions to contact:

Just tap the question mark in the top right corner of the application and a customer service delegate will call you within 30 seconds.

Application Isn’t Working

Immediately contact Amazon support if your application is freezing or you can’t as expected report delivery details.

It’s ideal to connect with them quickly so they have your request on record.

The most effective method to contact: Call the immediate Amazon support telephone line since your delivery application is important for the issue.

Changing Your Delivery Region

It’s significant that you contact customer support if you choose to move might in any case want to work for Amazon Flex. The system will need an update. Whenever this is done, you will start getting assignments in your new district.

Step-by-step instructions to contact:

Just send an email to the Amazon Flex email address to start this process: amazonflex-support@amazon.com.

Account Temporarily Disabled

There are many reasons your account might be deactivated, on the whole, make sure you avoid potential risk to forestall the deactivation in any case.

Here are a few things to note:

Never transfer your package

Always have good deliveries and shouldn’t be a questionable one.

Never deliver after 9:00 p.m. (Not professional)

Try not to miss a delivery block, and if you would, consistently make sure to cancel within the 45-minute timeline

Ordinarily, Amazon support will deactivate your account before sending you an email notification.

The email is quite unspecific and doesn’t broadly expound concerning why your account was deactivated, so your best reaction is to answer asking for information identified with why your account was deactivated.

Step-by-step instructions to contact

Reply straightforwardly to the email that Amazon sent you. From that point, you can do whatever it takes to reactivate your Flex account.

Note that, it is significant you remain proficient and reasonable while dealing with deactivation.

How to Contact Amazon Flex Support

There’s no question that you might have some issues while working as an Amazon Flex Driver. What’s significant is that you contact support quickly if there are any conditions that keep you from managing your responsibility as well as could be expected.

Here are the overall channels that you can get through to different Amazon Flex Support, in light of the idea of your issue:

Email support:


In-application phone support: is the question mark in the top right corner of your application. Tap on it and afterward select  “Request call from support,” and an Amazon employee will call you within 30 seconds

Direct telephone number:

(877) 212-6150 or (888) 281-6901

How about we investigate some normal issues and the medium best used to get help.

P.S: You may likewise have the option to fix numerous delivery issues yourself.

For instance, Amazon Flex drivers can message customers directly from their telephone, which is something support can’t do.

On most delivery names, the customer’s telephone number is beneath the first scanner tag or more than the QR codes.

In conclusion, 24hours help on standby

Amazon customer support has made sure to be consistently on backup for any inquiries or issues you might have.

Remember to use different contact channels relying upon the idea of your concern to get expeditious service.

You can generally go to Amazon’s FAQ page, which is on its authority website if you have any additional inquiries.

What’s more, we have come to the furthest limit of the article! I do trust you thought that it was useful and if you have any comments to make, don’t hesitate to leave an answer. Good wishes!

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