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Make Money With These 9+ Affiliate Programs for Bloggers FinanceUsNews
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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Make Money With These 9+ Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Make Money With These 9+ Affiliate Programs for New BloggersMake Money With These 9 plus Affiliate Programs for Bloggers will be discussed in today’s article. We all want to make money online doing what we love doing… Regardless of who you are and where you from, as far as you are a blogger, you will make money online.

In case your situation as a blogger is that you aren’t making money online, this is the time you begin to make money online ASAP!

We recently wrote an article – Get List of Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Opt-in for! & How Does Recurring Affiliate Programs Works? – It may interest you to go through those recurring affiliate programs you should opt-in for to earn passive recurring lifetime commissions.

DISCLOSURE: This article herein contains affiliate links through that I earn a small affiliate commission from qualifying purchases, at no cost to you.

Making money online means you get yourself acquainted with what will really generate earnings for you.

There is a vas way out there to make money online. Blogging at times without a focus niche or content, you ended up giving up while blogging. That is why you will see some bloggers after a few months or years, they quit blogging.

So, If you’re a blogger and you are not in any way make money online through affiliate marketing, that means all the efforts invested in content writing is in vain and there’s a good chance that you’re not making money at your full potential as a blogger.

Why Affiliate Programs?

Yes, why affiliate programs? This could be the question you asked when you see some folks making reference to affiliate marketing while discussing a topic “Make Money Online”

Make Money With These 9+ Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Affiliate programs are a marketing program that allows you (the affiliate Marketer) to receive a commission for promoting a merchant’s services or products.

More to this, affiliate marketing in my opinion is an excellent way to make money online through your blog.

If you should look very well at those contents I had published ever since on this blog, you will notice that I myself had ignored affiliate marketing when I began to start a blog because I thought it would be a waste of time promoting someone’s services/products.

When I started, I focused on Google AdSense thinking is the only way that I can make a handful of money while a Google AdSense publisher not knowing with affiliate programs, would become a millionaire. Yes, a millionaire.

Not quite long after I started, I had made over $9000 within two months. Though there are some extra efforts added to the success. But as time goes on, you will discover what I just quoted here!

Why Affiliate Programs Not Working For Some Bloggers

Guys was I wrong?

You will say in what? Yes, from the headline above. Some bloggers never make money promoting the wrong products.

You will see that some of us have been writing on content or products that have never yielded any penny to our bank account just because we are writing just to get our articles seen with some increase in clicks of Google AdSense. And at the end of it all, you got banned or limited by AdSense.

However, why not promote your favorite products and make money in the process. Am I wrong?

If you’re interested in making affiliate passive income, here are a few affiliate programs to get you started.

Note: As soon as I come across some new affiliate programs that will benefit the bloggers, I’ll be updating this article with more options.

How to Start a Blog

Did you found yourself capable to begin a blogging business? To learn the most effective method to START A BLOG or you want to begin a new blogging website?

Before I get into the first blog entries you ought to write, if you are keen on starting a money-making blog, then Bluehost has a lot! Get a FREE domain name, automatic WordPress install, and a free SSL certificate at a low monthly value (click here to get started).

Make Money Online with These 9 + Affiliate Programs! FREE Guide!


Interserver Affiliate Program

This particular one has a magnificent job of building a job of serving all types of web developers, any way of skill also type of web hosting demands.

As an example, try to sign up for everyday inexpensive web hosting also this puts you in a shared server with many sites. This is constantly very fast and comfortable, it not compulsory for wide sites.

These also bear VPS also cloud hosting, in which the two are extraordinarily cheap differentiated from other VPS suppliers on the market. VPS for this has the smallest one CPU core, the memory which is of 1024MB; the storage is of 25MB also the terabyte transfer is of 1TB. You can get free migration from the company service to protect your costs low.

The host 1 plus

This is known through its VPS choice, to check how different price is the rates you can get for every shared hosting. Briefly, you receive little value anytime you contemplate on Host1Plus VPS.

It is a regulated plan, payment can be made for the company to control your hosting. Furthermore, there are lots of data center locations which are own by Host1Plus, it provides modify and possible perfect site across the way.

The data center routes are Chicago, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo also Hong Kong.

Interested to begin?

URL = Interserver.Net – Cheap, affordable, no downtime

Commission = $100 per new customers (Hosting Fee is Free for 3Months with a free domain)


Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost happens to be one of the popular web hostings which offer website owner’s a hosting service. Not only do they offer web hosting services, but they also pay for promoting their host to users.

Bluehost plan starts at $2.95/month and equally a time pay-outs starting at $65+, the cost barrier is certainly low and the commission is way high.

For this, they are one of the convenient ways for affiliate bloggers looking for ways to make money online.

For you to promote Bluehost, you must be a registered member as well.  After you sign up for the program, you will be entitled to a referral program up to 45 days after the first click.

Payment is made between the 16th and the end of every month, but you will need at least $100 before you can request payment.

URL = BlueHost.com/Join-Affiliate

Commission = $100 per new customers (Hosting Fee is $2.95/month with free domain & SSL added)


ShareAsale Affiliate Program

ShareASale affiliate is pay-per-sale. You get paid-per-lead, and as well as a pay-per-click is what ShareASale’s offers.

More so, the affiliate gets a minimum payout of $50 [i.e as soon as your earnings get to $50, you cash out without any delay].

With the ShareASale commission program, affiliates have options for varieties of products to promote. This fact made ShareAsale be one of my favorite affiliate programs network.

Affiliate Marketer gets to choose a product among their large marketplace which makes it a blogger-friendly affiliate program with ease of use. In case you want to make money online through their affiliate marketing concept, I highly recommend you give ShareASale a try.

Below are a few of the ShareASale affiliate programs I picked up just for you to check out:

  • Grammarly software: This software helps writers by giving them guidelines on their spelling and grammar sentence checkers. An affiliate gets $20 per sale.
  • Stella & Dot:  With this product, those that are fashion, jewelry, and accessories lovers, get their products sold through social networks. An affiliate gets 12% per sale.
  • Cricut: This is cutting machine software. Cricut – smart cutting machines allow you to cut and create projects. An affiliate gets 12% per sale.
  • The Hungry JPEG: Thousands of premium design resources. An affiliate gets 20% per sale.
  • CreativeLive: This tool will help those interested in photographic work. You can recommend this tool to your readers who run online classes in photography, DIY, graphic design, and business. Doing this alone attracts a commission from 10-25% per sale.
  • Blurb: This allows you to create, print, and sell high-quality photo books, ebooks, and many more. An affiliate gets 15% per sale.
  • Snake River Farms: Premier brands of American Wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork, and Northwest source-certified beef. An affiliate gets 7% per sale.
  • FreshBooks: Online accounting software. An affiliate gets
  • Tailwind: The tool allows you to run Pinterest and Instagram marketing in scheduling, and analytics processes. An affiliate gets 15% per sale.
  • Bluprint: Some of you might have heard about the blueprint, it’s a digital destination devoted entirely to makers. An affiliate gets 4% per sale.
  • PicMonkey: Do you need photo editing software? PicMonkey is a powerful photo editing tool you should recommend. An affiliate gets 30% per sale.
  • WP Engine: Most of us know what WP Engine does. Nevertheless, they provide a WordPress hosting plan to customers. If you recommend this to your readers, you will receive a minimum of $200 per referral!

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = ShareAsale.com/affiliate

Commission = Minimum of $50 per new customers

Hostgator Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

HostGator gives user-friendly and affordable web facilitating services.

For every qualifying customer that you send their direction, you can gain somewhere in the range of $50-$125 per signup. The more signups you send them every month, the higher your bonus. For instance, if you send them 1-5 signups every month, you will procure $50 per signup. If you send them 6-10 signups every month, you will win $75 per signup, etc.

Every month, you are paid through PayPal or check, and there is no base for payout.

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = Hostgator.com/affiliate

Commission = $50 per new customers


CJ Affiliate Program

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest partner networks around. If you can think about an organization, there’s a decent possibility you’ll find their subsidiary program on CJ Affiliate.

I’ve been using CJ Affiliate for nearly 12 months and keeping in mind that it is one of my favorite affiliate programs, it’s not as user-friendly as ShareASale. I definitely had to set aside some effort to acclimate myself to their platform.

With CJ Affiliate, you can pick your base payout, with $50 being irrefutably the base.

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = CJ.com/affiliate-program

Commission = $50 per new customers


Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

Extreme Bundles offer bundles for digital books, courses, and different assets at a highly limited price (normally 90-97% off). Their bundle topics incorporate solid living, homemaking, meal planning, blogging, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As a subsidiary of Ultimate Bundles, you’ll win a 40% commission for every bundle that your readers purchase.

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = CJ.com/affiliate-program

Commission = 40% commissionm per new customers


Rakuten Affiliate Program

With the Rakuten affiliate program, marketers will get cashback at more than 2,000 stores at whatever point you ready to start your shopping through the Rakuten website.

In other words, this part of the affiliate will give promoters a vas option to promote for a commission. I So much recommend the Rakuten affiliate program on the grounds that not exclusively would you be able to acquire cash back for purchases you make, yet as a blogger, you will also get $25 for every referral.

If you want to begin your own blog website, give Rakuten a try by promoting their products for profit.

The Rakuten partner program pays out quarterly with a minimum of $5.01 at least.

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = Awin.com/affiliate-program

Commission = $25 per new customers


Awin Affiliate Program

This is another affiliate website you can promote. Now I know what is going on in your mind. You will be like; what is Awin all about?

AWIN is an affiliate network. I’m also an AWIN marketer and I truly recommend it. At the point when you apply for AWIN affiliate, you will be asked to pay a $5 pre-approval expense. This expense is refunded back to your commissions and can be withdrawn with your first payout.

Before applying, to guarantee your approval, make sure you have a website with quality content and be certain your blog has an affiliate DISCLAIMER. This is to ensure you are not luring your readers to the wrong website.

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = CJ.com/affiliate-program

Commission = $ per new customers


Creative Market Affiliate

This is another affiliate program that you can promote.

What is the Creative Market?

Creative Market is an online commercial center community that permits you to purchase digital plan items, for example, WordPress topics, vector graphics, text styles, photography, and the sky is the limit from there.

However, creative Market offers a 10% referral commission for every new customer you bring to their site. Presently once more, I think 10% is a truly low commission, in any case, with this affiliate program, you will procure 10% on every purchase that customer makes for a whole year. For me, that makes the Creative Market affiliate program worth joining.

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = CreativeMarket.com/affiliate-program

Commission = $ per new customers


Shopify Affiliate – Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

As the name implies, the tool applies to users who want to set up their shops online.

Furthermore, Shopify permits you to build online business websites. At whatever point you allude a customer to Shopify, you will acquire the initial two months of the customer’s paid membership charge (200% abundance) – up to $598.

You can likewise win 100% abundance on their endeavor plan which pays $2,000 for new Shopify Plus referrals.

Interested? You can become a partner using the below detail.

URL = Shopify.com/affiliate-program

Commission = $ per new customers

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