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Newspaper Theme | Activate Newspaper 9.1 Theme 2018

How to Activate Newspaper 9.0 WordPress Theme & Above Without HTML Code

Activate Newspaper Theme 9 – Activation of the newspaper theme of any version has been a great and hard hustle for the users.Most users had found it difficult to successfully use Newspaper theme permanently and those users that had this amazing Newspaper theme in 2017; recently had been having issues composing posts and article directly from their dashboard while writing post and articles.

In this post; you will learn a permanent method of activating Newspaper theme as a premium theme of newspaper 9.0 and other versions.

Before we begin this tutorial; unsuccessful activation of Newspaper 9.0 theme above gives users conditional technical issues while and during post writing… while writing post; there is always an annoying pop-up message: ‘’Activate your theme.’’ If cares not taking; when this message pop-up, you may end up deleting or discarding the post and article that you are writing currently.

However, solution to this issue is here. Just follow steps highlighted here carefully.

Newspaper theme | How To install Newspaper 8 Theme Before Activation

Let us do this for the sake of the users that are yet to install Newspaper 9.1 Theme above before we go into the Activation properly; below is the steps to take while installing the Newspaper 9.0 WordPress Theme or Higher Version:

  1. Firstly; quickly Download from here the Newspaper V9.2 WordPress theme HERE.
  2. You do not need to extract the downloaded zip file on your local PC again.
  1. In the zip file named; Newspaper; named Newspaper (which is in a ZIP file). The reason is that; it is the only file you can install through WordPress Theme Installation.

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  1. Now, Login to Your WordPress Dashboard and Go to Appearance >>>Theme>>> Add theme>>> Upload>>> Locate unzip the file and choose the file to Upload Newspaper Theme.
  2. Upload the Newspaper.zip file and click the install button.
  3. After installing the theme, click the Activate button to use it as default Theme.
  4. Once the process is over it will automatically redirect you to the theme welcome panel.

After installation, it will show a message to your dashboard to activate the theme; the reason being that it is a premium theme. To Activate; read on!

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How To Activate The Newspaper 9.1 WordPress Theme & Above – November 2018

For full activation,

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  1. Click the Newspaper theme at the dashboard
  2. It will take you to welcome page
  3. Click on Activate Theme now
  4. Scroll down to the bottom until you see “”Activate Manually””

    Newspaper Theme | Activate Newspaper 8.0 Theme 2018
    Newspaper Theme | Activate Newspaper 8.0 Theme 2018

There will be server ID: FTDS6-ZQEVS-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In the place of Envato purchase code and TagDiv Activation key use pgupdates.com

Envato purchase code:  pgupdates.com
TagDiv activation key:  pgupdates.com

Click Button ACTIVATE to activate and YOU => Done

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Newspaper Theme activation Successful
Theme successfully activated using manual activation. Thanks for buying our product.

After now, the theme won’t bother and be interrupting you anymore.

Thanks for Reading. Kindly share.

That is all about Newspaper theme activation

Please comment in case this didn’t work!

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