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How to Activate Bank of America Credit Card through an easy step

How to Activate Bank of America Credit Card through an easy step

Activate Bank of America Credit Card: When you are trying to get a new America credit card and you got successfully don’t think you are done with the process all you need to do is to activate this America card and get it usable. Now you will be given highlight on how to activate your America cared easily. All these steps will be given out in detail here in this article. Please try to read this with your serious mind so you don’t miss out on any part of this interesting topic.

Activate Bank of America Credit Card through an easy step
Activate Bank of America Credit Card through an easy step

This bank is part of the biggest bank in American investment and a financial company which is located at Charlotte, North Carolina also the central hubs in New York City London, Toronto, and Hong Kong. This bank was established in 1998 together with the NationsBank’s acquisition of Bank of America also has the present total asset which is $2,291 Billion.

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This Bank is operated in about 50 states in the country of America also has good and perfect 4,600 banking centers also have ATM which is 15,900. This Bank of America is placed at number 26 at the fortune 500 also has about $1.7 trillion as deposits. They give out both credits and debit which is similar to Visa.

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Whenever you creating an account with the bank, the bank will hand over a visa credit card also you can apply for the Bank of America visa credit card. If you decide to get a bonus surprise you can decide to apply for a credit card which gives travel or other rewards. What you need to do before using this card you need to get this activated. This process is very easy.

Now we need to know how to receive a credit card in a simple step.

Way to apply for Bank of America credit card

  1. Go to the official website by going to bankofamerica.com/credit-cards or copy and paste this link on your browser you can also tap on this link given above.
  2. Now you are on the site you will found out there a lot of credit cards on this site. Now check all these credit cards carefully to check on the one you need to apply for. If you have decided on the type of credit card which you need t use, kindly tap on the “APPLY”.
  3. Now log in into the account, this is only if you already have an account with them if you don’t have an account with them kindly create one, fill in the form which is been requested online. Now save then you will be directed to the next page more and more till you are done.

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  1. Put in your home address, billing address, your primary phone number also employment details as correctly. This will be so helpful for the Bank of America to process your card also forward your card as to you as fast as possible.
  2. Make sure what you fill in is correct upon your delivery then you do. This card can also be track you can do this by calling the Bank of America by calling 009 1 757-677-4701.
  3. Now you are done with all this process, you can now activate your credit card.

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How to activate Bank of America credit card

Immediately you have your own personal credit card, now all you need to do is to go online for the online banking with Bank of America. Now check below on how to apply.

  1. Now all you need to do is to sign up with the Bank of America by clicking on this link bankofamerica.com/ or copy and paste the link on your browser, you can decide to tap on it for you to reach the site faster.
  2. Now all you need to do is to input the last six (6) digit of your card or account. Now put in your social security number correctly (SSN) or maybe your tax identification number (TIN) which is of 6 digits.
  3. You are done with these steps now tap on continue link which is below the page then tap on continue.
  4. Fill in all other compulsory details which are needed on the page which has been shown to you on the screen and follow the instruction to sign up for online banking.
  5. The online banking will send you information into your email address or maybe your phone number. These steps can be changed later when you have a login. Now you are fully done

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How to activate your phone

 All you need to do is to activate your card in your mobile device through this step.  Especially those debit cardholders who need to activate their card through their phone.

  1. All you need t do is to dial 1-88-624-2323 then follow the information, this is based on putting in your card number CVV code or maybe your phone number which is together with the card or maybe the last four digit of your cardholder’s social security number.
  2. For anyone who is calling from outside the United States all you need to do is to dial this number 1-925-675-6195 rather.
  3. For anyone who is trying to activate a Bank of America visa credit card all you need to do is to dial this number 1-800-276-9939.

How to get this through the application

 If you are cardholders who usually forget his/her visa credit card, all you need to do is to download Bank of America mobile pp on your iPad, iPhone, Android device or window 10 devices. Immediately you are done with downloading of this app now tap the icon of Bank of America then put in your credentials. Now you can activate your debit or credit card by putting your necessary information.

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